American Legion Mandarin "Fallen Heroes" Post 372

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Unit 372 Standing Rules


  1. The regular scheduled meeting of American Legion Auxiliary Mandarin Fallen Heroes, Inc. Unit #372, Inc. shall be held on the fourth (4th) Thursday of each month, unless otherwise specified and shall be called to order at 7:00 pm. An Executive Committee meeting shall be held the fourth (4th) Thursday of the month unless otherwise specified and shall be called to order at 6:45pm.

  2. Cell phones will be turned off/muted at all meetings. Violators will be fined $5.00 to be donated to the Auxiliary Emergency Fund.

  3. Three (3) members of this Unit shall constitute a quorum at any regular scheduled meeting of the Unit.

  4. The annual Senior membership dues of the Unit shall be thirty-five ($35.00) dollars to include Department and National per capita. The annual dues of the Junior membership shall be ten ($10.00) dollars to include the Department and National per capita.

    1. ​New members and transfers shall be voted in by the General Membership after membership eligibility has been established.

  5. Unit elected Officers, consisting of the President, Treasurer, and Secretary are authorized to sign checks for disbursement of funds from the Unit treasury. All checks MUST have two of the three Approve signatures.

  6. The Unit President will be issued a debit card for discretionary funds not to exceed $50.00 per month without prior approval from the Executive Committee. 

  7. All Auxiliary funds shall be deposited in a bank and/or credit union approved by the membership of the Unit.

  8. Monies received for renewals shall be deposited within fourteen (14) days. New members’ monies shall be held until the Treasurer until the Legion has certified eligibility.

  9. All members responsible for Unit funds shall be bonded through the blanket Fidelity bond and the Unit will pay the annual premium to Department Headquarters.

  10. An Auditing Committee composed of two (2) members may be appointed by the Unit President for the purpose of auditing the Treasurer’s accounts quarterly and at the close of each term and making a report of the audit to the Unit.

  11. A Budget Committee composed of three (3) members, including the Unit Treasurer, shall be elected by the members, or appointed by the President, for the purpose of presenting a budget for the ensuing year.

  12. The President shall have a discretionary fund of two hundred ($200) dollars yearly, if funds are available, to be used only if a charitable donation need arises between meetings. She may contact the Treasurer for the check for the donation and report the donation at the new regularly scheduled meeting after the donation is made.

  13. Gifts for visiting dignitaries will be limited to twenty-five ($25) dollars per gift.

  14. There will be a twenty ($20) dollar check presented to the installing District Officer at the annual Installation of Unit Officers to pay the Unit’s District dues.

  15. Annual Convention Delegates: If available in the budget, the Unit will reimburse the two (2) Convention delegates for fuel and hotel expenses, not to exceed $200 each. Receipts to be provided within thirty (30) days of Convention.

  16. Those members wishing to be delegates should volunteer in planning or participating in 50 hours of Auxiliary activities during the year. Those volunteer hours must be documented on the standard Volunteer forms and submitted to the President at least three (3) weeks before the Convention.

  17. Delegates are expected to give an oral report of activities at the Convention to the Unit members at the next regular meeting. If not able to attend this meeting, a written report will be submitted to the Secretary and read at the next regular meeting.

  18. Fall Conference: If available in the budget, the Unit will reimburse the two (2) Fall Conference attendees for fuel and hotel expenses, not to exceed $200 each. Receipts to be provided within thirty (30) days of Fall Conference.

  19. The word “donation” will be used on all signs and money-making projects.

  20. The positions of Secretary and Treasurer may be combined into one position.

  21. Where deemed necessary, a Recording Secretary and a Corresponding Secretary may be elected/appointed to carry on the duties normally performed by the Secretary.

  22. The current Past President shall be a member of the Executive Committee for the succeeding year until the office changes.

  23. A Nominating Committee, composed of three (2) members, shall be elected by the members for the purpose of presenting a slate of officers for the ensuing year. The committee shall have the permission of each candidate for an office in order to be presented by this committee. This committee is to form no later than two (2) months prior to election.

  24. Members of the Nominating Committee may be nominated for any office without resigning from the Nominating Committee.

  25. Each year first nominations for officers for the upcoming year will be held at the March meeting, second nominations at the April meeting, and third nominations and elections at the May meeting. The Secretary may be either elected or appointed.

  26. The Installation of new Officers shall be held after the Department Convention, the date to be set by the American Legion. The new officers do not take office until after installation has been held. Each Unit Officer will turn over all records and monies belonging to the Unit to her successor, or to the President in her absence, at the Installation of Officers.

  27. These Standing Rules may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at a regular Unit meeting, or if notice has been given, by a majority vote.