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Celebrating 100 Years of Serving Veterans, 1919 - 2019

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Commander's Message

February 2022

Greetings American Legion Family:

Have you ever wondered…WHY DO WE BELONG?  How would you answer that question?  Is it because the Legion provides support for all of our veterans?  Is it because the Legion is the last steadfast bastion of Americanism, educating our students and our community about respect for the flag, our country, and one another? Is it the comradery of like-minded individuals with whom you’ve shared the common experience of service to our country?  Or is it something else?

Whatever your reason for belonging to the American Legion Family, we are glad you are a member!  As I have mentioned many times in this letter, the critical mission of the American Legion Family is necessary to support our veterans, their families, and the communities in which they live.  No one else is available to serve in this vital capacity.  We need each and every one of our members.

The American Legion is more than a social organization.  Since the early 1920’s, the Legion Family, in its formal relationship with the American Red Cross, has been involved in raising funds and providing volunteers in times of catastrophes. The Legion created the National Emergency Fund (NEF) to help when disaster strikes, be it weather, fires, or financial distress experienced by Legion Family members.  In fact, since 1969, the Legion’s National Emergency Fund has distributed more than $9 million in financial assistance to members and posts.

In Florida, PROJECT: VetRelief provides much needed assistance through suicide support work and financial assistance to our Florida active-duty and veterans and their immediate families.  The program maintains a 24/7 Veterans Crisis Line, and a Homeless Call Center.

The American Legion Riders promotes the good work of the Legion through fund raising and their public awareness efforts.  Recently, our Riders Chapter participated in a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Advanced Riders course, where the Riders learned and honed many critical skills necessary for safe riding.  This month, our Riders will travel to the Florida ALR Summit in Orlando to enhance their knowledge of fund raising, American Legion ideals, safety, and leadership.

Our Sons of The American Legion are moving ahead with their Junior Shooters program, a nationally competitive marksmanship program that teaches our young people gun safety and sportsmanship.

There are many reasons we belong to the Legion Family.  Whatever your reason, WE NEED YOU!  I will take this opportunity to thank all of our Legion Family members for all they do to support our active-duty members and our veterans. 

I wish you all the very best in everything.

For God and Country,